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England Tower  - 2008
England Tower  - 1957
Hey everyone! We have a member of our England AFB Family that has written a military novel about fighter pilots and military families and guess what, the story is set at a fictional base named Beauregard AFB in central LA.  (Yes, England AFB is the model for the fictional base in the story, The Final Salute.) Her name is Kathleen Rodgers. Her husband flew A-10's at England AFB from 1988 to 1991.

Update: The book was just reissued by a new publisher. Like in the old Kindle edition, A-10s adorn the cover but the book has been re-edited and repackaged and is back out in paperback and e-book from Deer Hawk Publishing. 
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When Planes Stop and Base Closes
Silence Will Hurt Most

by Kathleen M. Rodgers

The Greatest Generation Aircraft Foundation
is restoring the last flyable A-26A (B-26K)
and we plan to take it to the Memorial Service
Flyover next OCT at Hurlburt during the Air
Commando Association Reunion.  We are
based in Ft Worth, TX so it would be logical
to stop at England.  Our aircraft is 64-17679
and was used at England for training crews
headed to Thailand.  She is the last of her
kind so while we are making every effort to
have her ready for the trip, we will not
shortcut the restoration.  Will keep you
informed.  It would be fitting to let the folks of
Alexandria hear and see the airplane one
more time!  The picture below was taken at
Davis-Monthan AFB about 1970.  Note the IF
tail code.  We plan to use the same as a
tribute to England.  Best regards,  Jim
Reynolds, GGA
England Air Force Base was closed in 1992. Since then the base has been turned into an Airpark with various businesses occupying the vacated buildings. The golf course has undergone a major overhaul, changing it from a nine hole course to eighteen. Part of the base housing was turned into a very nice community for senior living. The local airport was changed from the old Esler Field in Pineville to the Airpark and renamed Alexandria International Airport.

Update (24 December 2007): Two new fire stations have been constructed. A multi million dollar air terminal and new control tower are now in use. A new hotel has been opened, along with other new constructions, and modifications to the existing buildings. A number of the old buildings have either been replaced or just torn down which better beautifies the grounds.

The golf course has been renovated and is now a new 18 hole facility with a new clubhouse.

We are still looking for photos and other mementos from the past. If you have such and would like to have them posted here please send them to the Webmaster.
Email  Snail Mail: 201 Jupiter Loop, Pineville, LA 71360.

Check out the new photos...

I know all of our viewers have read the articles
below about Kathleen Rodgers and of course
her book "The Final Salute". Her husband Tom
has now made history and we would like to share
just a little bit from Kathleen's Facebook page.

Tom served a tour at England AFB before it
closed. Congratulations Tom!

To see the full story go to Kathleen's Facebook