This is Don
This is Don
My name is James Domzalski II,  I am a Staff Sergeant in the Louisiana Army National Guard at Hammond Airport with the 1/244th AHB as a UH-60 BlackHawk Crewchief currently deployed to Balad, Iraq.  I am sending you a few screen shots of your F-84F 52-7080 at England Air Park.  Also I am sending a few other screen shots of other F-84F's under the 366th FBW.

F-84F  51-1659    389th  FBS  (red and white nose)   currently restored at "Combat Air Museum" Forbes Field  ANG, Topeka, Kansas,  Textures by Jaap de Baare, from Holland.

F-84F  52-7080    391st  FBS  (yellow and black nose)  currently....well, you know where.    Textures by myself

F-84F  51-1959    390th  FBS  (blue and white nose)   fictitious tail number I made just to have it in the 390th colors. Textures by myself.

F-84F  52-6953    This is what 52-7080 looked like originally in July 1959 when it was dedicated to the city of Alexandria in 1959 (my Grandfather, Donald Smith, was responsible for getting this acft donated by the Air Force in 1959)  I have all scanned original pictures and documents for this donated acft in getting it to the City of Alexandria.  I have also included two scanned original photos of my Grandfather on the dedication ceremony day, he is the second from right looking toward  the sky.  If you would like copies just let me know and I will email them to you.

Reason for writing you and letting you know is that all four textures will be put on flight simulator websites for all , worldwide, to download.  Of course these repaint textures are free of charge. 

Also the other reason is that I remember seeing this particular 84 at Bringhurst park when I was a small boy in the late 70's and being fascinated by it......and got every chance to go see it when I could.   This is like my own, and most important, Mr. Jaap de Baare's "Dedication" for the "OLD GIRL"  7080 that is and 1659.   Just wanted to let you know that 7080 will "Fly Again" in virtual reality!!

I also have a Complete download package of all four acft for the Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9)  game,  just download and fly.   If anyone you know is interested in obtaining this download or is into that kind of stuff just let me know.  
The following information and pictures was furnished by James Domzalski II
More Pictures from Jim Domzalski